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New Upgrade Offer!

The Smallest RIC With a Telecoil

Less than the thickness of a dime! The free upgrade includes a telecoil feature for use with audio loop systems.

Signia Pure Charge & Go

NOW $3995/pair for the BEST Circuit Level

Offer good Through 9-30-2021  


Top Hearing Technology and AI Neural Network Features

T-Coil Allows Audio Loop Connections (new upgrade)

Three Year Warranty, Three Year Loss & Damage

AX Augmented Experience includes

improved Rechargeable Batteries and

Attractive Design

Direct Connect with Apple and Android Products for Streaming

Most Advanced MI Antennas for outstanding speech clarity and soundscape

Augmented Situation Detection

AI Neural Network Assistant

Power receivers/earmolds available, if needed


30 Day return privilege

Free Hearing Screening during this event!

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View Signia's Website here for more product information

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