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We are dedicated to your hearing health. We offer free hearing screenings, hearing health consultations, and hearing aid demonstrations in our office. After your hearing test, hearing aids will be programmed with your exact hearing level. You will then be able to hear for yourself the sounds that you were missing. We typically recommend that you bring a loved one with you to hear the difference in a familiar voice. You will be surprised what has changed in your sound perception over the years. For those of you that cannot make it to our office, we offer in-home services to meet all of your hearing health needs. Contact us to setup your free appointment today.

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2019-08-28 Affordable Hearing   Store, G

I completed my B.S. degree from Ball State University and my M.S. from the University of Minnesota. Since 1982, I have been dispensing hearing aids. I am the founder of The Hearing Lions, where I devote my time to serving various communities' hearing aid needs. Click the Hearing Lions Emblem to find out more, or click here. I have seen hearing aid price fluctuations over the years, which is why I have dedicated Wass Hearing Aids in Danville to offer top quality hearing aids for a fraction of the price. Our hearing aids are, on average, $2,506 less than competitors. That is a large savings for identical technology. As I often say, you get better hearing for less, a whole lot less!

“I didn't realize what I was missing until Duane did a live demo on me. I can't explain what a positive difference my hearing aids make.”


“To my surprise, my hearing aids were covered by my insurance. I had been quoted an extraordinary amount of money before I came here. God Bless Wass Hearing Aids.”


“I was tired of saying, 'huh' and 'what?' And more so, my family was getting tired of repeating themselves constantly. After my hearing aid trial, I knew that I needed them. I am impressed that Wass Hearing Aids gave me the opportunity to try them first.”


“I'm a homebound senior citizen. I have limited budget and transportation. I am so glad I found Wass Hearing Aids. They offer at-home services for those of us in need. Thank you Duane!”


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