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Free Hearing Screenings


The first step in the process is to identify the nature of your hearing loss with a full exam. The outer ear is examined for wax or debris. The eardrum is observed for any abnormalities. Your hearing system is assessed to determine the nature of the problem.

Hearing Health Plan

Based on the results of your test, a hearing health plan will be developed and reviewed with you. From yearly hearing checkups, to hearing aid options, you will always have a personalized plan for your hearing health.

Payment Plans Available

Our hearing aids are always affordable. We accept many insurance and third party companies so that you receive the proper technology to fit your budget. Our follow-up care will ensure that your hearing aids are adjusted to your specific lifestyle needs.


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Hearing Instrument Specialist
Duane Wass

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

I am a hearing aid user myself. I have worn hearing aids since age 4 due to a severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. I understand the importance of sound quality. My family is so important to me. I don't want to miss a moment. I will always ensure you are hearing at your best. I have been practicing since 1982. I am Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. I have taken extra measures to demonstrate my commitment to your hearing health by meeting specific continuing education requirements. Abiding by the NBC-HIS code of ethics and NCCA guidelines, I operate at the highest level of competency set at international standards. Let my experience guide you towards better hearing health.

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